Block Dissolve


Randomly removes grid-aligned rectangular pieces from the layer by making them transparent. Keyframe animation can be applied to remove progressively more and more rectangles over time.


The ratio of squares to be made transparent. At 0, all squares are fully opaque, and at 1 all squares are transparent and the layer becomes invisible.

Range: 0 to 1; Default: 0.75

The size of each square, in pixels.

Range: 1 to 500; Default: 10

X and Y scaling factors to be applied to stretch the grid of squares.

Default: 1, 1

A seed used to generate the randomness used in this effect. Change this for different patterns of randomness. This controls the order in which blocks disappear as Strength increases. Animate this for quick, jittery motion over time.

Range: 0 to 5; Default: 0

Controls whether squares become transparent immediately (when fade is zero) or gradually (when fade is greater than zero). This value represents how much Strength has to change by for a single square to go from fully opaque to fully transparent.

Range: 0 to 0.5; Default: 0

Adjusts the position of the grid of squares relative to the layer.

Default: 0, 0


Apply this effect to a layer, adjust Size until you get the block size you want, then use keyframe animation to animate Strength from 0 to 1 (for a dissolve-out transition) or from 1 to 0 (for a dissolve-in transition).

Use Cases