Soft Glow

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Creates a soft Gaussian-based glow within a photo or video layer, or around the outside edge of any layer.


Controls the softness of the glow.

Range: 0 to 2; Default: 0.1

The brightness of the glow. At 100%, light areas will not get brighter, but will emit a glow into nearby darker areas. At 0% the glow will disappear. At values greater than 100%, the entire image will become brighter, with lighter areas becoming particularly brighter.

Range: 0% to 200%; Default: 100%

Controls the contrast between light and dark parts of the blurred image prior to blending, essentially squeezing the glow out of darker parts of the image.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 20%

Adds white to the brighter parts of the glow, rather than using the original color or blend color for those parts.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 50%

A color to use instead of the original pixel color when rendering the glow.


Controls the color of the glow. At 0% the original pixel color is used; at 100% the Color property is used. Values in between mix the original pixel color and glow color proportionally. The final mixed color is blended on top of the layer using the Screen blending mode.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 25%

Controls the opacity of the glow inside the layer.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 100%
Outer Glow

Controls the opacity of the glow outside the layer.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 0%


Apply this effect to any layer. For shape and text layers, be sure to set Outer Glow to 100% (this is not necessary for photo or video layers). Adjust the parameters as desired, starting with Diffusion and Brightness.

Use Cases