Contour Gradient

ContourDrawing & EdgeEdgeGradientMembers-OnlyRaster

Renders a gradient around the contours of the opaque parts of the layer.

Color 1

The color of the edge of the gradient closest to the layer.

Color 2

The color of the edge of the gradient furthest from the layer.


The width of the gradient. Higher values result in a gradient that spreads further away from the visible portion of the layer.

Range: 0 to 100; Default: 25

The distance between the edges of the layer and the start of the gradient. Higher values result in a larger gap between the layer and the gradient.

Range: 0 to 150; Default: 0

The opacity of the gradient, independent of the layer fill.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 100%

The opacity of the layer fill, independent of the gradient. Set this to 0% to show only the gradient, using the shape of the layer as a guide for the gradient but not showing the layer itself.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 100%

When turned on, the gradient fades to transparent at its outer edge. When turned off, the gradient has a hard outer edge.

Default: off


Apply Contour Gradient then set Color 1 and Color 2 as you prefer. Increase Offset if you wish, to add a transparent gap between the gradient and the original layer. Reduce Fill to 0% if you just want to use the layer as a guide and only show the gradient.


Contour Gradient is a raster effect that is applied to the edges of the visible parts of the layer instead of the layer bounds. It works with any layer, but works best with text, drawings, and images with transparency (tip: you can use Chroma Key or Luma Key to create transparency in a photo or video that didn't originally have it).

⚠️ Heavy Effect

This effect requires more computational power to render than normal effects in Alight Motion. Depending on the performance of your device and the settings you use for this effect, it may result in preview lag, especially if you use effects like this with many layers simultaneously or apply multiple heavy effects to the same layer.

Use Cases