360º Reorient Sphere


Reorients a 360º photo or video in equirectangular format.

This effect interprets the layer as an equirectangular photo or video, projects it onto a sphere, rotates the sphere, and then projects the sphere back into equirectangular format. The result is as if the original camera that recorded the 360º image or video had been positioned at a different angle.


The change in orientation from the camera's original position.

Default: 0.000000,-0.000000,0.000000

The change in rotation from the camera's original position.

Default: 0.000000,0.000000,0.000000


Common image and video encodings, such as JPEG and MPEG, are built to work with two-dimensional media. When working with media that is three-dimensional, such as video recorded with a 360º camera, that media must be flattened into a two-dimensional format before it can be saved, then later converted back to three dimensions when it is ready for use. One popular way to represent a three-dimensionsal sphere in a two-dimensional rectangle is by using the equirectangular projection (also a popular projection for geographic maps).


Apply 360º Reorient Sphere to any image or video that is contains 360º media as an equirectangular projection, then adjust Orientation or Rotation.

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