Deforms the layer by curling it into a circular shape from one end.


The position of the virtual circle around which the layer is curled, from 0.0 (the left end of the layer) to 1.0 (the right end of the layer).

Range: -0.5 to 1.5; Default: 0.5

The radius of the virtual circle around which the layer is curled.

Range: 0 to 50; Default: 1
Curl From

The end of the layer that will be curled around the virtual circle.

  • Left - The left end of the layer will be curled around the circle; the right end will remain flat.
  • Right - The right end of the layer will be curled around the circle; the left end will remain flat.
Default: Right

The placement of the virtual circle and the direction in which the layer curls.

  • Up - Places the virtual circle above the layer and curls the layer upward.
  • Down - Places the virtual circle below the layer and curls the layer downward.
Default: Up

Stretches or compresses the curled portion of the layer. When deforming a thick layer into a circle, the inside typically compresses while the outside expands. This setting gives your control over that. By tuning Stretch appropriately, for example, you can curl the layer so the inside remains constant and the outside expands more, or so the outside remains constant and the inside compresses more.

Range: 0.01 to 50; Default: 1


This effect is best used with long thing layers that are wider than they are tall. If you want to curl a tall thin layer, instead curl a wide thin layer first and then use the Rotate feature in the Move and Transform panel to rotate the layer 90º.

To use this effect, first apply it to an appropriately shaped layer, and set Curl From and Direction appropriately. If the curled part of the layer appears distorted, adjust Stretch to compensate. Finally, adjust the Radius and Offset to the position you want.

To animate a layer uncurling over time, use keyframe animation to animate Offset. For a slightly more natural look, consider also animating Radius to become slightly larger as the layer unrolls.

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