Copy Background


Copies the background into the layer, effectively turning the layer into an adjustment layer. Effects applied to the layer after this will apply to the background pixels covered by the opaque parts of the layer.


The amount of the original layer fill that remains visible. Leave this set to 0% to use the layer as an adjustment layer.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 0%


One of the most important effects in Alight Motion, Copy Background takes the background pixels (the combination of all layers behind the layer to which it is applied) and copies them into the layer.

By itself, this is not particularly useful, but when combined with other effects it makes it possible to apply an effect just to the part of the screen covered by the layer, essentially turning the layer into an adjustment layer, and using the original shape of the layer as a mask.

Effect Order

The order in which effects are applied the layer matters. Assuming fill is set to 100%, effects applied before Copy Background will affect shape of the mask (warp effects are useful for this), and effects applied after Copy Background will affect the area masked by the layer.

Applying effects that don't modify the edges of the layer before applying Copy Background will not have any visible result, unless fill is below 100%.

Use Cases