Softens the edges of the opaque part of the layer by blurring the alpha channel.


The strength of the blur used to soften the layer edges. Higher values yield softer edges.

Range: 0 to 2; Default: 0.15

The number of box blur iterations used to blur the alpha channel. This affects the quality of the feather. More iterations give better quality, but slower preview performance. Three iterations are recommended.

Range: 1 to 5; Default: 3


Apply Feather to any layer, then adjust Strength as desired.

Solid Color Shapes

If the layer is filled with a solid color, considering blurring the layer instead of feathering it. In particular, Gaussian Blur often yields better quality results and faster preview performance than Feather.

⚠️ Heavy Effect

Blur effects require more computational power to render than normal effects in Alight Motion. Depending on the performance of your device and the settings you use for this effect, it may result in preview lag, especially with higher values for Strength, or if you use effects like this with many layers simultaneously or apply multiple heavy effects to the same layer.

Use Cases