Color Temperature

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Corrects a photo or video so it appears as if illuminated by a light source with a different color temperature. Useful for changing the mood of a scene or correcting for the wrong illumination or white balacne.


The target color temperature, in Kelvin, assuming the original image or video has a temperature of 6500K. Higher values represent a hotter black-body emitting light with a shorter wavelength (bluer or "cooler" light), while lower values represent a colder black-body emitting light with a longer wavelength (redder or "warmer" light).

Range: 1000K to 40000K; Default: 6500K

The strength of the effect.

Range: 0% to 100%; Default: 100%


For white balancing, apply the Color Temperature effect to any image or video layer, leave Strength set to 100% and adjust Temperature until white objects in the scene appear the correct color.

To adjust the mood of a photo or video, simply apply the Color Temperature effect and freely adjust Temperature and Strength to achieve the desired feeling.

Use Cases