Count Up/Down

Property AdjustTextUtility

Replaces existing numbers in a text layer with the same number added to or multiplied with a fixed value. Useful for creating animations that count up or down.


This value is added to each original number in the text layer.

Range: -100000 to 100000; Default: 0

Each number in the original layer text is multiplied by this value.

Range: -2 to 2; Default: 1


This effect is useful for creating countdowns or other animations with changing numbers. To use this, there must first be at least one number somewhere in the text layer. Apply this effect and use keyframe animation with either Add or Multiply. Any non-numeric text in the layer will remain unaffected.

Counting Down to Zero

For countdowns to zero, manually type the starting number in the text of the layer, then use keyframe animation to animate Multiply from 1.0 to 0.0.

Counting up to a Target

For running counters that should settle on a precise target number (for example, for a "100,000 Subscribers!" video) enter the target number in the text of the layer, then animate Multiply from 0.0 to 1.0.

Project or Media Time

If you are trying to simulate a time-related counter or frame counter, consider using Timecode instead.

Use Cases