Magnify Background

From 3.8CompositingOtherRasterUtility

Makes the layer transparent and magnifies the area behind the layer, as if the layer were a magnifying glass.


The amount by which to magnify the area behind the layer.

Range: 0.01 to 50; Default: 1
Magnify Layer

Controls whether the layer itself is also magnified. When this is turned on, the layer and the background are both magnified. When this is turned off, the layer bounds remain the same, and only the background viewed through the layer is magnified (much like a magnifying class).

Default: off

The sampling mode used when re-sampling the background as it is magnified.

  • Nearest: The nearest pixel color is used. This results in hard edges between pixels (each pixel will look like a little square). This is useful when using the effect to examine individual pixels.
  • Linear: The nearest four pixel colors are blended linearly, softening the edges between the enlarged pixels. Use this if you want the magnified area to look less blocky.
Default: Linear


Apply this effect to a shape layer (or to an image with transparent parts that you want to use as a mask), then simply adjust Scale as desired.

Use Cases